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misfits20in20 Round #4 - cursedinsanity
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I'm participating in misfits20in20.
It's really very exciting, because I've not made icons - other than very simple ones for personal use - in a very long time and this is almost the ideal environment to start again.

Constructive criticism is more than welcome :)

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Banners, banners, banners~
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Just a place to dump all of show off my banners. Which are fab. The icons sometimes aren't. Yeah, sorry about that.

PS. taintedmoonrose was my old journal :)

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The Sims: Kamikitten.net
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Kamikitten.net was one of my favourite custom content sites on the web, and I thought it was very sad to see it go. Fortunately, I managed to save all the files, so I thought I'd share them here :)

Contains: 4 tops, 16 everyday sets, 23 formal outfits, 4 lingerie/sleepwear/swimwear sets, 26 make-up sets and 5 genetic sets + bonus item: fixed Robert Hawkwood from MTS2!Collapse )

Journal: filters
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As of September 5th, 2007, this journal will be filtered. I find this a necessary precaution, if only for my own orderly purposes.

If you've just befriended this journal, leave a comment below so I know which filter you'd like to be in. Otherwise, I'll probably stick you into a random filter you probably don't want to be in. :)

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